Warlayirti Artists - Balgo

CATEGORY: Art, Retail, 
REGION : Kimberley
LOCATION : PMB 20 Balgo, Halls Creek 6770
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned & operated
CONTACT : Nick Withers
PHONE : +61 8 9168 8960
EMAIL : director@balgoart.org.au
WEB SITE : http://www.balgoart.org.au/

Key Experiences

Warlayirti Artists specialise in fine art paintings as well as silk scarf dyeing, multimedia and artefacts

Established in 1987, Warlayirti Artists Aboriginal Corporation is one of Australia's leading Indigenous Art Centres. Located in the small Indigenous community of Wirrimanu (Balgo) in the South East Kimberley, it fringes the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts of North Western Australia and serves approximately 200 Indigenous artists across the three communities of Wirrimanu, Mulan and Kururrrungku (Billiluna). Warlayirti is a dynamic hub, with an Art Centre and Cultural Centre and Wirrimanu is the ceremonial hub and sacred site for the Luurnpa Tjukurrpa (Kingfisher Dreaming).

Nestled on the edge of a great escarpment where the Luurnpa (Kingfisher) Dreaming begins, Warlayirti Art Centre is a multifunctional space with artist's studios, a large gallery, Cultural Centre, New Media facility and an outdoor venue for community events. The Centre accommodates a community of artists, diverse in age, culture and life experience, some brought up in the traditional bush manner, others on the Mission and in the modern-day community.

The Artists gather daily to paint, women in the studio and men on the verandah - using traditional and new media to share and tell their stories to a steady stream of visitors during the dry season.

Warlayirti Artists is known for its bright acrylic works on canvas and linen, however artists have also been developing their skills in the areas of printmaking, photography and other medium.

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