Bulhari Holdings

CATEGORY: Associate Member, 
REGION : Perth
LOCATION : 4 Clive Street, West Perth 6005
CONTACT : Georgia Lewis
PHONE : +61 8 9481 6600
EMAIL : travel@bulhari.com.au
WEB SITE : http://bulhari.com.au/

Products & Services

  • Business Development
  • Native Title Trustee
  • Corporate Travel

Bulhari’s business development team can assist Companies, Organisations and Individuals to develop and implement growth opportunities.
We recognise that Business development is the first step in creating long-term value for an organisation and ensuring customers, markets, and relationships are all captured as a part of it’s vision.

For CEOs and financial officers, we’ve "sharpened our pencil” sourcing the best options and packages giving you exceptional value for money. This means we have lowered costs and maintain clear visibility so you can track your travel spend.

For secretaries, it means you have one point of contact, based in Australia, who has organised your end-to-end business trips. With a single phone call, you will know where everyone is at all times.

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