CATEGORY: Retail, 
REGION : Perth
LOCATION : 201 Beaufort Street, Perth 6000
OWNERSHIP: Aboriginal owned
CONTACT : Celia Maiho
PHONE : +61 8 9228 0614
EMAIL : kuditj.administration@sodexo.com
WEB SITE : https://www.kuditj.com.au

Key Experiences

  • Learn about Aboriginal history and culture

Kuditj, meaning think and reflect, operates as the only aboriginal owned and operated catering facility in Perth.

Centrally located at 201 Beaufort Street Perth, the building is a significant place in history of the Western Australian Indigenous Community. The dwelling was known as the Aboriginal Centre until 1968. When the curfew on Indigenous people was lifted, it then became the Aboriginal Advancement Council Building.

Peedac Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated not for profit organisation, which established Kuditj Kitchen operating as a Cafe. Sodexo were engaged in 2014 for commercial support and operational expertise in delivering services.

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