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AFL Finals - A Portrait From A Different Angle

Sep 27, 2018 -- Posted by : di.below

Troy Bennell, a member of the Wardandi people from Bunbury, Western Australia, has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia as a Noongar artist, cultural performer, gallery curator and Ambassador for Tourism in Australia.

“This piece is a tribute to the AFL finals,” he says, as he paints the birdlife within the landscape, “that’s the waalitj (eagle), and the koolbardi (magpie) in our language”.

So this is a modern interpretation of your traditional art? “Yes and no”, says Troy, “our traditional art features marks and symbols which represent hunting journeys, song cycles, seasons, ceremonies, weather patterns, it’s about the time and place where you are painting – and this can include contemporary themes such as this week’s AFL finals and the vibrant energy that it carries”.

The weather conditions are looking very calm, are there any other predictions on this canvas? “no predictions at all”, Troy smiles, “but if Collingwood wins, those magpies will be flogging that eagle on the next canvas”.

Troy’s work has been inspired by the school of artists who painted at the Carrolup Native Settlement in the 1940s and 50s. He creates gouache landscapes, abstract acrylics and sometimes mixes sand and dirt into the paint. 

For more information about Troy, his artwork, and his cultural guided tours, click here


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